Paranormal Legend Society- PLS -                 You Can't Put a Price on Piece of Mind
Tammy-  Co-Founder/Investigator
I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a young girl. I had an experience that left me with a lot of questions that I wanted answers to. My husband and I have been investigating all over the country for over ten years. I enjoy meeting people and hearing about their paranormal experiences. I am proud of the group we have assembled. Everyone has a passion for this field and for helping people to understand what they may be experiencing.
Bill-  Co-Founder/Investigator/Lead Tech.
"I've been investigating the paranormal for over ten years.I always look for the logical explaination first and if I'm unable to come up with one I look to my equipment and personal experiences for answers. I enjoy helping clients understand what they are experiencing, paranormal or not."
Erin- Co-Founder/Investigator
"I have been investigating for two years. I have experienced many things I could not explain and that's what makes me eager to find answers.I enjoy working with my team member's especially knowing we are helping people."
August -Co-Founder/Spiritual Advisor/Investigator
Bio to come............
"I have been interested in the Paranormal World for a very long time. As a young child I had so many experiences that I can not explain. Now even as a "grown up" I still have experiences very often. I love investigating and finding answers for people who may be confused or scared. I go into every investigation "skeptical," that way I can make sure that we debunk anything that may make someone believe there is paranormal activity. Investigating is a passion and I take it extremely serious, but it also brings me joy and a sense of excitement I can't explain. Albert Einstein said "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." I am excited to work with my friends at SPI and explore the mysteries we encounter everywhere."
Rebekah- Investigator
"I am a true believer in the paranormal world. Growing up I was convinced that there was no such thing as "ghost", despite my experiences. I could never find an explanation to what I had seen or heard. As time went on I realized that it was not meant to be explained but to be explored. Every investigation I do now I am so intrigued. Always walking into it as a skeptic, Ive realized that it keeps me with an open mind debunking anything possible while also crediting what can not be debunked."
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